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The product campaign consisted of a number of activities. We created a sales page for the promotion of Microsoft Office365 service. Although the campaign leads were directed to a certified Microsoft partner, the branded materials themselves had to be approved. At the beginning of our cooperation, we received a 90-page brand book on how we should use the logos, icons, slogans, colors and many other elements of Microsoft's visual identity for the Office 365 business service. Based on this, we have prepared the Landing Page. Thanks to the design prepared for the use in accordance with the guidelines, we did not receive a single correction to the designed Landing Page.It was instantly accepted.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is the first page that the user gets to as a result of the company's marketing activities. The landing page can be a standalone page (independent from the business page) and focus on just one element of the whole offer. Users find the landing page most often after clicking on a banner ad, link in an e-mail, sponsored link or other advertising link. A landing page is a natural extension of the content in the ad. The main goal of the Landing Page is to convert, in our case, to acquire companies that will download test Office 365 product keys for business and test the product for 60 days. A secondary goal was to increase the number of users who see Office 365 for business promotional videos.

Why use Landing Pages?

The landing page has one goal, it has no subpages and directs the user to perform the action we have planned. The purpose is for the user to leave contact details. When the user leaves its data, a certified partner from a given region contacts him in order to verify the company data and send the appropriate number of keys.

The promotional video helped explain the essence of the solution offered by Office 365 for companies. The product page created by the developer has other goals and is aimed at direct purchase without the possibility of testing the product.

The campaign turned out very well and the goals related to the number of triggered trial keys were achieved.

Promotional campaign

We also dealt with a promotional campaign for this product in the Małopolska voivodeship and Greater Poland regions. We directed users to the Landing Page by:

  • paid ads on the Facebook social network targeted
    at target groups
  • paid promotion of the Office 365 movie on Youtube
  • email marketing to companies and public schools
  • banner promotion on industry websites
  • promotion of sponsored links in Google AdWords

As part of the feedback from Microsoft, we received the following testimonial:
"On our part, we are satisfied with the number of generated downloads and leads, but now we are waiting for sales, which is the main determinant of our success"

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