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We started cooperation with the York School of English in 2016. The Client came to us with the need to create a new website on the basis of its current one, which in his opinion was not intuitive enough, and, therefore, quite useless for the users. Our task was to help the school so that its current and future students could learn about the full scope of ​​the school's activity in an easy, friendly, and understandable way. Our first and basic task was to process the full sitemap, which in its many nests contained over 70 subpages. Take a look at how many categories and subpages were there on the site


In the first phase, we focused on which pages are necessary, which we can connect together, and which of them are outdated, and require removal, or reformatting. Traffic analysis showed that the current website has a high bounce rate - this suggested that users feel lost and do not know where to find the information they need - at the same time they spent quite a lot of time on it, which in turn showed that they were trying to find important information from their perspective. Thanks to this analysis, we also knew which websites are the most important for customers, how much time they spend on it, and how they look for information.

After the initial "slimming" of the site, we created a layout that focused on three areas: improving usability, reducing the number of nests, and giving access to the most important information from the main page to the users. We consulted the layout with the Client to confirm some of our assumptions with the specificity of their business and the characteristics of the target group. This is a particularly important stage of cooperation.

After our Client accepted the layout we created, which in the structure of the page allowed us to reduce the number of subpages by more than 30%, without losing any relevant information, we proceeded to the stage of graphic design. Here, our main task was, in turn, to reduce the amount of content and to present a large part in the form of graphics and slogans - this was to provide the users with a quick way to find the information they were actually looking for, while informing them about other fields of school activities...

Internet Marketing

WHEN has carried out two large recruitment campaigns aimed at attracting training participants for the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 school years. An additional goal was to encourage the users to solve classification tests for the level groups in order to properly assign them according to their current knowledge. The campaigns were intensively ran from August to October 2016 and in the same period in 2017.

Recruitment campaigns were conducted in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads - separately for each of the target groups. The target groups to which we addressed messages were: adults, students, young people, and children. Campaign ads dedicated to specific groups referred users to subpages with relevant course offers. In addition, advertising activities were reinforced with remarketing ads, reaching once again the users who were already interested in the offer. The campaign was directed within a radius of 20 km from the company's headquarters, to people who live in the area, or often reside in it. Our Client was pleased with the results. The sources of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords generated an overwhelming number of sessions against the organic source, direct or other inputs (e.g. referral links). There were several dozen conversions defined as going to the tab with tests, checking price lists of courses, and checking forms of contact with the school.

Design Projects

Outdoor banners design made by Studio Leon also contributed to the campaign's success. We have made sure that they are visually consistent with the new website, so they do not confuse users, causing a smooth and intuitive transition to the landing pages of the campaign. Studio Leon has designed both Internet and outdoor banners.

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