Web analytics

The basis of properly conducted marketing activities on the Internet is a proper analysis of the statistics of a given website. Relying on data on the sources of traffic on the website, user behavior, and conversions made by them (achievement of the assumed goals) allows you to manage successful campaigns. Without this information, it is not possible to properly optimize online marketing campaigns. Knowing which products, for example, are most likely to sell from Facebook Ads campaigns, and which ones from ads in Google search engine, gives us the opportunity to optimally distribute the budget for individual channels and choose the assortment promoted in it.

The analytical knowledge we have is not a theory - we work with analytical tools every single day. Get to know the tools we use every day:

Basic analytics tool (also available for e-commerce)
A/B tests, without the need of making changes on the website
Activity raports all in one place
Facebook analytics tools
Heatmaps, registering users activity on the website in the form of a video
Heatmaps, registering users activity on the website in the form of a video

Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads give you the opportunity to take advantage of direct access to people within your interests - this is the key to effective recruitment and the guarantee that your ad will go straight to the selected target group! You pay only for clicks on the advertisement - i.e. for people who are interested in the advertisement and want to learn more, thanks to which you will avoid significant costs of promoting your offer on many different advertising portals.

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