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Rafał Żuber approached us based on a recommendation from another Client who worked with us in the past. Rafał, who is a well known expert on male-female relations, wanted us to create a set of business tools that would allow for him to become the leader of his industry both when it comes to brand and financial results.

Learn by mistakes... if not yours

For the purposes of the project, we conducted an industry audit and presented the results of our work in a report of several dozen pages. This report was also the foundation for further work on the Rafał's business model and website mockups.

Client Consultations

As a part of our cooperation, we trained Rafał in planning and drawing business processes, and implementing marketing automation solutions in order to convert the users visiting his website and social media channels into regular customers.


The final shape and mechanics of the portal have been developed thanks to very advanced prototyping. The scheme of how to implement the website had been defined very precisely, so we spent a lot of time on planning the flow of users and the way to achieve their goals that were set in the business assumptions. The key aspect of the implementation was sales, so we took care of appropriate cross / up selling mechanisms.


Thanks to our rebranding Uwodzenie i Podryw became a well recognized brand, that turned into the leader of the industry in Poland. The new website fulfilled the whole process of rebranding, and assured a significant improvement in sales indicators, thanks to the advanced service of business mechanisms and sales support - one more proof that UX and design does really matter :)

We also took care of the image update of older marketing materials. We adapted them to match the new version of the UiP brand and prepared a strategy for further image-building activities.

Lead Campaign

We conducted a sales campaign, also preparing materials such as banners or landing pages. Rafał has also been trained in the field of self-promotion of products and himself (as an inseparable part of the UiP brand) in social media, as well as taking these elements into account in the processes of planning his business and implementing subsequent product strategies.


My first website was created in 2008. Since then, I have worked with many companies and often hada complaints on the quality of received services. When I first contacted Łukasz Pach by phone, I knew at once that we would establish cooperation. In the telephone conversation, it was clear that ADream focuses on helping people, and not primarily on their earnings. This convinced me to work with them.

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