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Main Goal: Sale of the planned outlay for the first quarter of 2016
Additional Goals: Building awareness of the game in a group of potentially interested players, gathering a valuable e-mail database, engaging opinion leaders.

We have created a competition application in which top 20 users could win collector's edition of the game and ATS posters customized with their names on it, along with greetings from the well-known Youtubers, and the ATS team.

Our posts educated users about the game so that they could then answer questions from the contest quiz.

Both the competition and the game pre-order information were promoted through the Facebook ADS.

We have established close cooperation with a well-known Polish Youtuber "Wujka Bohuna", who:

  • promoted the game to his fans
  • helped to create quiz questions
  • published news regarding the game on his fanpage
  • signed posters for players

Within 2 months our marketing campaign recorded:

  • 18 million views via the Google AdWords adertising network
  • A significant increase in the number of fans on the World of Simulators fanpage
  • The entire volume of the game planned for the first quarter was sold
  • Starting a promotional campaign for a new game add-on directly with the distributor
  • During the first two weeks of the campaign, the goals planned for the entire 2 months of the campaign were achieved.

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