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Perfumeria Euforia is a well-known Polish online store offering, among others, original perfumes and cosmetics. The brand has been on the market since 2009, and since then has been successfully selling drugstore products, expanding its range each range.


As with all e-commerce businesses, the main goal of the campaign is to increase sales - and that's exactly the issue with our Client, who came to us in April of 2017. Google Ads campaign ran by another agency generated transactions, but they were not satisfactory for customers - online perfumeries are very popular and the products offered are known to the target customers, so they are looking for a store that will offer the products at the lowest price. Hence the problem is the low margin imposed on these products, and thus a much lower return on investment than for other industries. The solution to this situation should therefore be to reach the highest possible revenue from the campaign at the lowest possible cost.


When creating the campaign, we focused primarily on product campaigns, which allow images and short product descriptions to be displayed in Google search engine and are best suited to achieve high sales with a small investment. Product campaigns are also supported by dynamic remarketing (re-display of products that the user was previously interested in and enabling the completion of the purchasing process) and a campaign in the search network for the brand phrases. From the very beginning product campaigns showed us high effectiveness, however, they required constant observation and optimization. In July 2018 we decided to use Google News (beta) available for campaigns that meet certain conditions, i.e. an intelligent product campaign. It is a highly automated campaign subtype that combines a product and remarketing campaign into one. Regardless of small difficulties at the beginning of the tests, it turned out that the smart campaign was a great success that brought better and better results every day

Kampanie produktowe od samego początku wykazywały zdecydowaną skuteczność, jednak wymagały stałej obserwacji i optymalizacji. W lipcu 2018 r. podjęliśmy decyzję o skorzystaniu z nowości Google (bety) dostępnej dla kampanii spełniających określone warunki, czyli z inteligentnej kampanii produktowej. Jest to mocno zautomatyzowany podtyp kampanii, łączący kampanię produktową i remarketingową w jedną. Pomimo małych utrudnień na początku testów, okazało się, że kampania inteligentna była strzałem w dziesiątkę – z dnia na dzień przynosiła coraz lepsze efekty.

Result of our work

Comparison of two corresponding monthly campaign periods: activities of the previous agency that our Client worked with and the activities of our Agency:

  • Revenue increase by o %
  • Amount of transactions increased by %
  • Conversion rate increased from 1% to %
  • ROAS increase from % to %
  • Decrease in costs of achieving revenue from % to %

During this period, our campaign was also the main source of traffic and revenue for the website. All conversions that contributed to the Google Ads campaign were over and their value amounted to almost zł.

Work done for this Client allowed us to open up to a new type of Allegro Ads and to test the functioning of intelligent Google Ads campaigns. As a result, we have confirmed their effectiveness and are gradually transforming other e-commerce campaigns that we run into intelligent ones as well.

The results of the previous campaign Google Ads. Source: Google Analytics.The results of the Google Ads search campaign run by the When agency. Source: Google Analytics.


In addition, we ran the Allegro Ads campaign for Perfumeria Euforia during the Christmas season. This is an interesting support for Google Ads campaigns when it comes to stores that sell their products through Allegro. The Allegro Ads campaign lasted days and with a test budget of PLN, we received sold units with value of PLN. It should be remembered, however, that conversions in this tool are calculated in a different way than in Google Analytics (where transactions from the last click are taken into account), and the items sold are the total number of offers sold counted for the next days after clicking on the Allegro advertisement Ads. Therefore, it is not worth comparing this with the actual results of Google Ads campaigns.

The presented case study regards a marketing project ran by the WHEN Digital Marketing Agency - a part of the ADream Group

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