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The GDK Group approached us with the ambitious task of creating a new website for the Unity Centre. The previous page did not meet our Client's business goals and downplayed the scale and momentum of the project. We approached this topic anew. Along with the change in the shareholding structure, we disenchanted the well known "Skeleton" that's been haunting Krakow for many years and turned it into the most modern business centre in Krakow - the Unity Centre.


The website was created based on the JamStack (GatsbyJS+WordPress) technology, and not in most popular technologies such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript. One of the key differences between these technologies is the speed of the website, which can be easily noticed in the first few seconds of using it. The way of experiencing and communing with the website is to give the impression of lightness, delicacy and intuitiveness, and all of that should take place among extraordinary aesthetics.

We have created a completely new architecture for the content and information from scratch, presenting all the advantages of the new business centre. Additionally, we focused on highlighting the Art Déco style, which accompanies the entire investment project.

"The skyscraper must be tall, every inch of it tall.
The force and power of altitude must be in
it, the glory and pride of exaltation must be in it.
It must be every inch a proud and soaring thing"

Louis Sullivan, American architect,

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