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WPROST Nieruchomości approached us with a request to support its client, the AKME Zdzisław Wiśniewski Capital Group. AKME Zdzisław Wiśniewski is the largest company in Poland that combines construction services with archaeological activities. We were asked to support the company in the realisation of its new investment project - a hotel in a residential system, located in Szklarska Poręba, one of the most attractive locations in.

The facility is being built in a four-star standard, providing an amazing view of the panorama of the Karkonosze (Giant Mountains) - also from the level of infinity pool.

Our job was to do .. almost everything. After a detailed briefing, we found out that our task was to come up with a name for the hotel, key visual, logo and other visual identification elements, landing pages for lead generation (condohotel, final project page and lead generation websites).















Naming is often quite a complicated process. In the case of this project, we had several points of reference - all thanks to the fact that both Szklarska Poręba, its surroundings, and the facility itself have many distinctive features that we could use when developing the concept. We presented our Client with proposals resulting from the location of the facility, the history of Szklarska Poreba, and those based on the features of the facility itself or rather the impressions it will provide to its guests. The final name was chosen in the second round of our work. Horizon is simply the horizon. It is quite obvious, but at the same time few facilities can boast about having such a view as the Horizon Hotel & Resort.


Horizon is the horizon, therefore the sign we have designed refers to it in the signet, in which we can find a line that symbolizes it, falling at its ends. The slight indentation in the letter H, in turn, refers to the mountain location of the object. The whole logo has a dignified, but at the same time relatively modern character (thanks to the simplicity of the sign)


When preparing to design a website, we also had to prepare its content. The final shape was based on the research (data about Szklarska Poreba, its history, attractions etc.) and data we had on the investment and its business model.

Landing page and the final main website of the Horizon Hotel

We knew that we would soon be launching a lead campaign, so we approached the design of the landing page and the final page with great attention. We have extensive experience in both the development and investment industries, but regardless of that we started our work with long and careful thought of the design and the website’s layout

The graphic design was based on the key visual and the website itself, as requested by the Client. The site was built on WordPress

Online and offline marketing campaigns

We just know how to do it :) We will present the details, probably after completing all of our activities and successfully selling the entire investment (as we usually do :)). For the purposes of the campaign (apart from its design and implementation), we made packages of static and dynamic banners, and an outdoor advertising project.

An example of dynamic advertising through Facebook ADS campaign.

To support the sales office, we have prepared a catalogue describing all the advantages of the investment and its location. The presented content is a result of the investor's direct involvement. Our job was to prepare the final content, the development of information architecture and its presentation in a form that would be consistent with the style of Horizon Hotel & Resort. In addition to the catalogue, we have prepared a number of other elements of visual identification, such as business cards, e-mail footers, letterheads and folders.

Key Visual

Hotel Horizon is an investment in the condo model. This means that in the first phase of the project we are searching for investors who are interested in buying a hotel room for investment purposes (while also acquiring the owner benefits package). To emphasize the security of the investment (a developer well recognized on the market) and the high standard of the hotel, we decided to use the motif of the coat of arms, which found its place both in the logo and in the theme of the Hotel Horizon brand.

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