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When the Cllient came to us with a question about the offer of Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns in the Czech Republic, we were very pleased, as we like to expand the scope of our activities and conquer the foreign markets. We did not think, however, how much this case would bring to our work and in how interesting way it would allow for us to expand our knowledge.

Our Client needs

The owner of a large online store with an interior design assortment asked us to audit the current Google Ads (AdWords) campaign and to prepare a promotion strategy for their e-commerce business.

Our audit showed many shortcomings in both the structure and operation of the current campaign. A product campaign important for e-commerce was missing, and campaigns targeting the search network were not well refined.

After reviewing the profile of the Czech Client, analyzing his needs and after understanding the architecture of the online store, and the offered assortment, we came up with a proposal to completely rebuild the campaign and created a work plan for the next three months.


At first glance, the most difficult task seemed to be to create text ads in Czech in such a way that they actually correspond to the user's query and information on the Landing Page. Creating text ads, we supported the ads from the previous campaign, which required technical and other small corrections. However, they were a good starting point for current, properly constructed ads.

Analysis of the first results showed that despite the use of different types of phrase matching, ads are displayed to users looking for products similar to those offered by the store. Observation of search entries made by users in Czech was not an easy task - despite many similarities with the Polish language, the vast majority of words have a different meaning. Excluding irrelevant keywords was one of the basic elements of properly optimizing this campaign.

Another obstacle that we had in mind before was the fact that a large number of Czech Internet users are still using the native search engine - According to Digital News Report, 35% of Czech Internet users are loyal to Seznam [i]. The combination of activites on both Google and Seznam gave us the opportunity to reach 90% of users on the Czech market.

Ryc. 1 – jak widać jest nie tylko wyszukiwarką.

Despite Google slowly entering the Czech market, it is mainly young people who like it. Our main target group were people aged 30+, and they are still faithful to the traditions, and are more likely to use Seznam. Seznam, like Google, is not just a search engine. It gives users many options: creating email accounts, reviewing messages, using maps, and also allows advertisers to place sponsored links and banners in the content network, as well as set up remarketing and product campaigns using the Sklik marketing tool. Sklik is a system that works similarly to Google Ads (AdWords), but unfortunately, compared to Google Ads, it does not have many basic functions to facilitate the work of creating ads (such as the ability to copy campaigns or ad groups).

Advertisements on Seznam. Compared to the current Google search results, Seznam is heavily ad-supported and continues to support ads in the right column. For people accustomed to the style of Google, Seznam may seem a bit chaotic and disordered.


The main goal of the campaign, as is usually the case with e-commerce campaigns, was to increase revenue of the store. However, for SEM campaigns to bring the expected results, it was necessary to build a new Google Ads campaign (AdWords) and become familiar with the Sklik system and running the campaign on Seznam.

In our activities, we focused primarily on product campaigns that were not there before and that required configuration from scratch: generating a product file, creating Google Merchant Center accounts, and creating campaigns in Google Ads and Sklik.

Current work on the campaign includes optimization of bids, ads and, above all, actual user queries that require the use of multiple keyword exclusions.

Results of our work:

Our Agency has been looking after this client's campaign for only a month. Despite this, we could have already drawn conclusions and observed interesting results. Allocating larger advertising budgets to a product campaign, which became the main source of revenue from the campaign, was a very good move. There was a noticeable difference in the results of campaigns on Google and on Seznam - definitely product campaigns are better perceived by users using Google search engine. This may be related to the appearance of the search results page displaying product ads. In the Google Ads panel, we also see how traffic from optimized text ads has improved and their CTR has also increased.

Results in numbers:

  • Revenue increase by %
  • Amount of transactions increased by %
  • Increase of e-commerce ratio by %
  • Increase of average order value by %
  • Increase of average amount of products in a single order of %
Screenshot from the Google Analytics panel - comparison of e-commerce conversions for the period of our activities and the period immediately preceding them (includes traffic from Google and Seznam).

What’s next:

We do not stop our efforts and plan to further develop our Client's campaign. To keep sales at such a high (and even higher) levels, we plan to optimize the current landing page. Support in the coming months will include help in entering the store markets in other countries and preparation of guidelines for building a new e-commerce site.

For When there are no impossible tasks, and entering a different marketing system, and getting to know its interface and functioning from scratch was a really intriguing experience for us. We love such challenges!

The presented case study regards a marketing project ran by the WHEN Digital Marketing Agency - a part of the ADream Group

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