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Our Client belongs to Genus Group Real Estate Developer, which has the following facilities in its portfolio: Zacisze 4, Kurniki 9, Przemiarki 14, Józefińska 31, Siemiradzkiego 25 and Dom nad Młynówka in Kraków, as well as a group of semi-detached houses in Januszowice, Palace in Cianowice T. Talowskiego, and the current implementation of the Group, i.e. Bogucianka housing estate.

Our cooperation includes support for sales activities of the Bogucianka housing estate. The scope of cooperation includes the development of a functional layout of the website, along with the implementation of the project, as well as the planning and running of a lead generation marketing campaign, which we supported by actively running the investment’s fanpage.


  1. Create tools for presenting the offer (website, logo)
  2. Provide sales support - lead generation campaign, advertising banners














Internet service

The website was created for a developer operating on the real estate development market. The most important task we faced when designing the site was to create unique graphic design that will allow to show a high-standard investment located in Tyniec, a region of Kraków, Poland, called it’s green lungs, that is extremely attractive for anyone who values ​​peace and great space for physical activities.

We also wanted to focus on presenting the unique added value for this investment, which undoubtedly is the 30 ares of recreational and leisure area within the housing estate, which is accessible only for the residents.

The graphic layout was also determined with the thought of maximizing the usability of the website and the Client's business goals. The most important function of the site was to generate leads.

In addition to the site’s design, we also coded it to a fully functioning website, to which we have also installed the necessary analytical tools - including, among others, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This made it possible to track the sources of inquiries while increasing the effectiveness of When's marketing campaign.

Lead Generation Campaign

We treated the first month of the campaign as a test one - we analyzed data illustrating user behavior, the ratio of achieving our goals and the level of conversion. We have ran an extensive campaign on the Google search and advertising network in the Lesser Poland region to reach people who may be interested in buying a house near Krakow. We selected appropriate keywords related to the real estate market and web portals connected with it, on which we displayed our advertising banners. Our campaigns also followed each user sending the contact form via website. At the same time, we ran an investment fanpage and extensive Facebook marketing campaigns.

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