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Imperial Capital is an investment company that comprehensively carries out housing investments and development projects on the Krakow housing and office markets. One of the developer's residential investments is Stawowa Residence - an intimate complex consisting of seven residential buildings, located in Bronowice Wielkie, a district of Kraków, Poland.

Client’s problems

The main business goal of the campaign was to sell all of the remaining apartments. A secondary, but also very important goal, was to build a positive brand image. In order to successfully sell apartments, it was necessary to increase brand awareness among those looking for an apartment to buy. The brand’s image on the Internet has an impact on its perception in reality, which directly influences sales. In October 2017 the Client came to us with a request to support sales with paid marketing campaigns.

Solution - A classic sales funnel

We meticulously analyzed the brief sent by the Client. We were thinking about the strategy, finding the most important key phrases, and presenting the benefits, and advantages of the investment over other similar ones that are offered on the market in Kraków.

We focused on campaigns targeting the search network, containing ads with phrases related to the purchase of an apartment and brand phrases. In addition, we've created an advertising-targeted campaign that included banners and flexible ads. We immediately created remarketing lists, thanks to which, after reaching the right size of the list, we were able to target ads with a more precise message to users who, according to specific rules, reacted with the Client's website.

The plan was as follows - by increasing brand awareness and recognition, and passing the next stages of the sales funnel - to reach the moment of selling out the apartments from all three stages of the investment.

In the beginning we created a general message, informing the users (in a certain age group and in a specific location) about the existence of the investment, increasing brand awareness, and proclaiming the positive flow of the brand. The message was to arouse interest and intrigue the potential buyers. Here we used the GDN campaign (using static and dynamic banners [see our examples here] and flexible advertising), displayed on the Google advertising network. The use of dynamic banners with animated, changing graphics - is a great complement to static ads. We directed these creations to users willing to buy an apartment, interested in investment or mortgage. In addition, a search campaign was launched using expanded text ads. At this stage, users were looking for rather general information by entering general phrases related to the investment, such as the Krakow developer or buying an apartment from the developer. The next step on the purchasing path is to consider buying. Buy or not to buy this apartment? What apartment should I buy?

We used remarketing, thanks to which we reached people who were already "connected" with the investment to some extent. Users searched the site, spent some time on it, downloaded the PDF with the apartment overview, consulted an advisor, and maybe even visited the investment area. An additional criterion we took into account was the time spent on the website and the number of viewed subpages. These indicators showed us the level of actual user involvement.

Remarketing in the real estate development industry works extremely well, as we know, the apartment purchasing process does not take several days. It usually requires a lot of thought processing, arrangements, formalities, etc., so reaching such a selected user with a subtle and personalized message (e.g. informing about the start of the sale of the third stage, or promotion of an apartment from stage I for it) can speed up his or her decision to buy an apartment.

Throughout the process of supporting the Client with Google Ads campaign, we have constantly optimized it, eliminating unsuccessful searches (excluding key phrases), updated information on a regular basis, changed advertising creations, conducted numerous A / B tests, and made all this in order to reliably reach the users most interested in buying the apartment with our message.

Results of our work

The result of our work was building a strong image of the brand, arousing the interest of the potential buyers, and supporting the sale of apartments in the Stawowa Residence investment with a Google Ads campaign.

Below we present the channels that brought users to the website. Google Ads is leading the way - mainly with an advertising network campaign (flexible and banner advertising), representing over 42% of the generated traffic. A search campaign accounts for over 21% of all traffic.

Key success factors

  • Our advertisements were displayed mln times
  • Our advertisements were clicked by users over times, resulting in actually users visiting the website of the investment.
  • The average conversion cost amounted to PLN
  • The average PPC (Pay Per Click) amounted to PLN

During the whole period of our campaign we managed to achieve, among others:

  • clicks on the “Contact” page
  • downloads of the PDF files with apartments overview
  • sent contact requests via the contact form on the website

At present apartments have been sold ,therefore of the investment from all three stages was sold. Our goal is to close the sale at %.

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