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Our job was to create an attractive project supporting sales and presenting the investment offer of luxury apartments for sale in the Gubałówka Residence. The project was to evoke specific emotions and increase the desire in the potential buyers to make investments, by emphasizing the prestige of the place and attractive conditions of cooperation. The website was to be visually consistent with the existing visual identity of the Residence - in this way we created a coherent image of the Client, strengthened messages in the minds of recipients and created links between all elements of the advertising.

We have created a Landing Page to support the sale of luxurious apartments - the extension of an already existing and operating for over 2 years hotel facility in the heart of Zakopane, in the Polish mountains. Our goal was to show not only the potential profits for the investors, but also the attractiveness of the location of the hotel on Gubałówka, in Poland..

Based on the website we created and a set of marketing banners, we ran an extensive marketing campaign in social media, i.e. Facebook and Google, obtaining excellent results, translating into a very high number of leads and a record low cost of acquiring them, and thus resulting both our and our Client’s complete satisfaction. It is worth to mention that our Client was already planning on strengthening our cooperation and jointly implement subsequent realization of development projects, and the success of this project enhanced that even more.

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