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The real estate developer belongs to the Osada Śnieżka Group, which includes the following complexes: Osada Śnieżka in Łomnica, Osada Śnieżka Medical Spa in Łomnica, Blue Mountain Resort in Szklarska Poręba, Platinum Mountain Resort in Szklarska Poręba, Green Mountain Resort in Karpacz and Crystal Mountain Resort in Vistula.

These are high-class hotel complexes operating in the condo system that guarantee constant profit with high ROI. Green Mountain Resort is located in the heart of the Giant Mountains in Poland and offers exclusive hotel rooms and apartments close to nature. Our Agency was involved in the whole process of advertising and promoting of the investment.

Our cooperation included activities supporting sales of the Green Mountain Resort investment. The scope of cooperation included; developing a functional layout of the website, along with the design and its implementation. We were also responsible for the success in the preparation of sales support materials (presentations, catalogues) and for creating and running a lead generation campaign, which we supported by actively running the hotel’s fanpage.


  1. Create tools for presenting the offer (website, presentations, catalogues)
  2. Provide sales support

Internet Service

The website of was created for a real estate developer operating on the aparthotel investment market. The most important challenge we had to face while designing the site was to create a unique graphic that would show the prestige of the investment - a high-standard hotel, located in one of the most popular holiday resorts in Poland, near the Śnieżka Mountain and in the vicinity of “Krucze Skały”, which are a big attraction for the mountain climbing enthusiasts.

We also wanted to focus on presenting a very wide range of the services and recreation that the hotel has in its offer.

The graphic design was also determined by maximizing the usability of the website and, most importantly, achieving the Client's business goals. The most important function of the site was to be obtaining leads from potential customers. All contact forms on the site were connected to an external system for automated query handling.

In addition to the site’s design, we also coded it to a fully functioning website, to which we have also installed the necessary analytical tools - including, among others, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This made it possible to track the sources of inquiries while increasing the effectiveness of When's marketing campaign.

Lead Generation Campaigns

We have been running the campaign for 1 year. We treated the first month of the campaign as a test one, in which we analyzed the data illustrating users behavior, the rate of achieving goals set by our Client and the level of conversion. We have run extensive campaigns in Google web search and advertising network all over Poland to reach people who may be interested in buying an apartment in the Green Mountain Resort hotel. We selected appropriate keywords related to the investment market and investment web portal, where we have displayed our animated advertisements. Our campaigns followed the amount of contact forms sent via website and forms requesting an offer. At the same time we have been running the fanpage and extensive Facebook campaigns - the goal of the campaign was also to acquire leads and build users' awareness of the desired images regarding the prestige of the investment offered by our Client. You can find the examples of advertising materials we have created below:

Based on the analysis of the campaign's potential, we have recommended more than doubling the budget. This led to the final success - the sale of all apartments.

Materials supporting sales

The sale begins only when the leads are transferred to our Client. The Agency's task is to provide valuable contacts to potential investors - this becomes the basis for further actions on the side of the developer. To assist the Client in this task, we have prepared a sales support presentation - an electronic and printed presentation that was used by the client during the business meetings with the investors. We have prepared both presentations in three language versions - Polish, German and English.

Our job was to create an attractive project supporting sales and presenting the offer of the Green Mountain Resort. The project was to evoke specific emotions and increase the desire in the potential customers to actually make an investment, by emphasizing the prestige of the place and attractive conditions of cooperation. The presentation was to be visually consistent with the website’s design - in this way we created a coherent image of the Client, strengthen communicates in the awareness of the recipients and create links between all elements of the promotion. We present sample pages from the presentation below.

Result of our work:

We have created effective and consistent materials presenting the developer's offer. We ran an effective campaign, thanks to which all available apartments in the investment were sold - investors decided to buy 137 hotel rooms and 130 apartments. Interest in the facilities offered has also translated into the direct sale of the developer's next investment project - Platinum Mountain Resort. Thanks to effective actions, the scope of cooperation between us and our Client has been extended to further developer's investment projects, which are supported by our activities.

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